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From the heart to the matter
Bubbling Minds has ample experience with the development, implementation and testing of mathematical algorithms in the context of (embedded) system design.

We like to start from scratch, but can also embark on existing modelling, analysis and simulation frameworks.

Sample applications we worked on are:

  • Development of an optimized waveform for datacommunication, including the complete signalprocessing and error correction, as well as performance simulation and verification during and after product realisation
  • Development and simulation of an algorithm for data transport in an ad hoc wireless sensor network, and performance analysis based on observed behaviour
  • Development, implementation and testing of an algorithm for the localisation of people using distance measurements with ultra-wideband radios
A collection of geniuses not necessarily provides an effective team. Especially when the team consist of people from different companies and with various (cultural) backgrounds, as is often the case nowadays, smooth collaboration is not automatically guaranteed.

We can enhance the effectivity of your R&D team by means of a training, based on the framework of “radical collaboration“. Participants are made aware of their own preferences in social interaction, the defense mechanisms underlying their reactions, and the way this influences the collaboration. They learn how to take the interests of others into account without neglecting their own.

This very interactive training aims at the development of five essential skills for successful collaboration:

  • The intention to collaborate
  • Truthfulness
  • Self-accountability
  • Awareness of self and others
  • Problem solving and negotiation

The programme consists of three days of both theory and increasingly realistic exercises. It is offered as open training, or as an in-company programme, tailored to your situation.

“How did I get here?”

If you ask yourself this question, you have probably unconsciously ignored your true self for too long, while reacting on the opportunities offered by your environment.

While seemingly successful, you suddenly find yourself in a situation you don’t want to be in, like (close to) a burn-out, an undesired job or an extra-marital relationship.

The aim of coaching is to help you re-discover your own core values and passion, and live up to them. This results in a change of perspective towards your environment, which leads to evolution of your situation into one that is more coherent with your true self.

“The ox” is the Zen-buddhist symbol for the true self. Due to the business of our life, it seems to be lost initially, and has to be found. However, it is wild and stubborn, and time and again escapes, due to our habits to succumb to our seducing and illusionary environment.

The struggle goes on until we finally tame the ox and learn how to ride on it, providing serene clarity of vision and ultimately enlightenment. But then, with our re-newed state of mind, we have to re-enter ordinary life, and manifest our enlightened self in busy life again. Then the cycle is complete, and starts all over again.

The cycle of finding and taming the ox represents the cycles we all go through when growing personally.

Spiritual centre “de dansende os” (the dancing ox) is a quiet place in the centre of Hengelo, providing space for courses that support the process of taming your ox. We offer e.g. various forms of yoga, meditation and tai chi. Moreover, you can rent space for hosting your own “ox-finding” activities.

Martin Streng (1964) has a background in mathematics and physics, over 25 years of experience in all kinds of R&D environments, and since 10 years ago gradually switched to training, teaching and coaching.

The common factor between math, system design and coaching? They all are about the heart of the matter. Once you touch it, you can find new directions and solutions without carrying on unneccessary ballast.


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